Case Study

Octane Marketing helps Toyota of Nashua soar to #3 in sales in New England

In November of 2016 Toyota of Nashua hired Octane Marketing to help them improve their digital presence, execution and drive more opportunities for sales and service and ultimately grow their market share. The dealership finished 2016 ranked number 6 in Toyota’s Boston Region for sales and looked to make a significant climb in 2017.


  • Implement a consistent, multi-channel digital marketing strategy
  • Increase quality and quantity of traffic to
  • Increase new vehicle sales and market share
  • Increase used vehicle sales

It is a tremendous partnership when great marketing combines with operational excellence. With that combination you end up with results like these.


  • Implement Octane Marketing’s proven, fully integrated, multi-channel strategy across search (SEM), direct mail, email, retargeting, video, display, social media, reputation management and on their website
  • Focus on making current customer base larger and more frequent

YEAR OVER YEAR RESULTS (2017 over 2016)

Toyota of Nashua jumped to #3 in the Boston Region new vehicles sales ranking for 2017
  • Dealership website visits increased 22%
  • Dealership website leads increased 42%
  • Dealership website VDPs increased 71%
  • Dealership website online service appointments increased 52%


In 2017, Toyota of Nashua was able to achieve tremendous growth in sales and service by partnering with Octane Marketing to get more out of their marketing spend and then converting increased traffic into satisfied customers. Without increasing their spend, the dealership was able to get more traffic and more leads in sales and service and therefore saw increases in new vehicle sales of 12%, and in used vehicles sales of 20%. This has propelled the dealership to set their goals even higher in 2018 and with Octane’s help they have already finished multiple months in 2018 ranked at number 2 in Toyota’s Boston Region for sales.

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