At Octane Marketing we believe digital marketing is at the center of any multi-channel strategy.

It’s the best way to identify your target audience and the most measurable way to calculate ROI. We use data, marketing expertise and automotive know how to create and execute winning digital campaigns.


Why?  Because these are people who are raising their hands to say: “I’m looking for a car”, or “I’m looking for a dealer,” and with paid search, we have the ability – in the most measurable way – to deliver a relevant ad, drive the prospect to an appropriate landing page, and to generate a conversion on your website.

We understand that you have to prioritize your dollars to balance your budgets appropriately, and we believe that the 1st dollar should start with paid search.


Before buying a car customers today visit only 1.5 stores but go to over 26 different websites. That is why it is so important to keep your dealership top of mind and bring the customer back to your site and into your dealership. We ensure your message and inventory stays in front of the customer through a multi-tiered strategy incorporating contextual, behavioral, and VIN specific retargeting.

Targeted Online Display

Using 1st party, high-quality 3rd party, and marketplace data we target in-market shoppers with display and online video ads to increase the reach and frequency of your message.

At the end of the day, it’s all about us creating more opportunity for you both in the showroom and in the service lane in order for you to grow your business.


We believe it’s critically important that you know exactly what’s happening with your digital marketing and on your website both year-over-year and month-over-month. Every month Octane prepares an in-depth report that we’ll provide and review with you. Octane’s reporting is completely transparent allowing you to see exactly where your marketing dollars went and how they performed.

Average Website KPI Increases After Switching to Octane

*Average results across all clients

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