Direct Mail

At Octane, we've taken direct mail to another level combining the physical mailer with digital lead capture and delivery into your CRM.

Dealers know that direct mail is still extremely relevant and effective at driving direct response for sales and service. Our direct mail campaigns deliver the benefit of direct response ROI, while also delivering branded messaging into the hands of your market’s most valuable prospects.


Our approach to data is simple and straightforward. We utilize both dealership DMS records and automotive conquest data to identify in-market customers in your backyard. Our database communication strategy is crafted from years of automotive experience and proven results.

Brand your dealership and speak to the most important prospects in your market with the benefit of direct response ROI.


Traditionally direct mail has not delivered¬†leads into¬†your CRM and prospects to your website, at Octane, we’ve changed that. All of our direct mail strategies have the option to incorporate microsites, with PURLs that are customized to each prospect who receives your direct mail piece.


We have a direct mail strategy that will fit any dealership with proven creative that performs and produces leads. All of Octane’s direct mail creative is customized to your dealership and delivers relevant, valuable, and compelling offers to the best prospects in your market.

Proven strategies, calls to action, and creative templates are customized to your dealership.

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